Fingerprint Cards in Japan: Four Smartphones and Two Tablet PCs Launched by Fujitsu, All Feature Sensors

9436_fingerprint-cards_fingerprintcardslogoFingerprint Cards AB (FPC)’s swipe sensor technology has been making its way onto Asian mobile devices quite a bit recently, with smartphones and phablets in Korea, China and Japan featuring the technology as a biometric security solution. Today the number of FPC sensors on available devices shot up considerably with Fujitsu launching four smartphones and two tablet PCs in Japan.

Each of the six Android devices features an FPC swipe sensor and will be available through Japanese operators during Q4 of this year.

The head of Fujitsu’s Mobile Phone Group, Katsumi Takada commented on the inclusion of biometrics on the new devices, saying, “Finger sensors in smart devices have become an increasingly essential way to ensure that these devices are secure and at the same time improve convenience and user experience for the user. Finger sensors in smartphones, and now also tablets, have become something of a trademark for Fujitsu.”

FPC has been focusing on the Asian mobile market with great intensity throughout 2013, and this launch marks the first time that its technology will be available in a tablet PC.

“The Japanese market is renowned globally for its high quality and performance standards,” said FPC CEO and president Johan Carlström. “I am especially happy to see our technology being launched for the first time in a tablet PC, our next big market opportunity.”

This news comes on the heels of Fingerprint Cards’ recently published financial results for Q3 2013. Thanks to activity like this, the most recently closed period proved to be the company’s best ever.