Fingerprint Cards Partners With Linxens in Continued Smart Card Efforts

Fingerprint Cards has found another key partner as it seeks a strong foothold in the emerging biometric smart cards market. The company has announced that it has teamed up with Linxens, a provider of microconnectors for RFID antennas and smart cards.Fingerprint Cards Partners With Linxens in Continued Smart Card Efforts

In a statement announcing the partnership, FPC highlighted Linxens’ Prelam technology, which “integrates and connects all the functional components” of a smart card. FPC also pointed to Linxen “tape technology” that “makes the fingerprint sensor fully compatible with the smartcard industry’s requirements.” Linxens is preparing to release a new Prelam featuring fingerprint-on-card technology care of FPC’s T-Shape solution, a sensor module designed for smart cards.

News of the partnership comes soon after FPC’s announcement that its T-Shape module will also be used in a biometric payment card solution from IDEMIA. Called F-Code, the solution already has at least one customer, with JCB having announced that it will launch the solution in Japan. With respect to this latest partnership, in its announcement FPC called it “yet another important milestone for [FPC] in the execution of its smart card strategy”.

While FPC appears to be in a strong position in this area, it is one of a number of companies currently pursuing the emerging biometric smart cards market, which appears poised to boom over the next year as financial services leaders like Mastercard fully embrace the technology.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)