Fingerprint Cards Partners With Another Module House

Fingerprint Cards has established a new partnership with another module house. Headquartered in Shanwei, China, the module maker is called ‘Truly’.

Fingerprint Cards Partners With Another Module HouseIn a statement announcing the new partnership, the SVP of FPC’s mobile business, Ted Hansson, explained, “Teaming up with the right, carefully selected partners and broadening our network is essential to keep growing our business.”

The news comes after FPC announced two other new module house partnerships at the start of May, with A-Kerr and Fingerchip. Those module makers are also based in China, with Hansson having said at the time of their announcement that the partnerships were “a testimonial of Fingerprints’ industry-leading technology and how strong our trademark is in China.”

The news also arrives in the wake of a Q2 update in which FPC indicated that its mobile business is back on track after a difficult first half of the year. While an inventory glut appears to have been the main obstacle, competitive pressures also played a role; thus FPC’s strategy of establishing ties with various module makers could help it to overcome such challenges going forward.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)