Fingerprint Cards Aims To Become Multimodal Biometrics Leader

Earlier this month we were in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2017 where biometrics technology once again received great deal of attention. One of the big identity trends of this year’s show was fingerprint sensor innovation—under-glass deployments, in-keyboard integrations, even the unveiling of the world’s first in-display fingerprint sensor.

Fingerprint Cards Aims To Become Multimodal Biometrics Leader

Mobile ID World & FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill (right) met with Fingerprint Cards CEO Christian Fredrikson (left).

Among the excitement around this modality was, of course, Fingerprint Cards (FPC). The company has long been a leader in the mobile fingerprint sensor space, counting a huge number of handset integrations over the past few years, and used MWC 2017 was the platform from which to launch FPC SenseTouch: a solution that adds pressure sensitivity to the company’s sensor offerings. But despite all the action buzzing around fingertips, FPC has its sights set on more ambitious goals than single-modality success.

In an interview with our sister site FindBiometrics, FPC CEO Christian Fredrikson spoke about his company’s recently announced acquisition of iris recognition company Delta ID.

“First of all we looked at all the different modalities outside of fingerprint. We felt that iris is the next great biometric modality that we want to take to market. And we believe it’s ready to come to the market,” he said, speaking with FindBiometrics president Peter O’Neill.

Fredrikson said that, looking ahead, FPC aims to transcend its leadership in the single-modality arena. I  this regard, Delta ID is a well considered first step, considering multiple market research firms have forecasted iris recognition as the next big mainstream authentication tech.

“I think over the next few years we want to be not only the leader in fingerprints but the leader in biometry. We want to be the global leader in the biometric era. So that means extending into many places in biometry,” said Fredrikson, underlining the new multimodal focus and then speaking to other markets the company is actively pursuing.

With this in mind, along with the overall industry trend toward multimodality and user choice, such comments can help but raise the question: what modality is going to be the next one snatched up by Fingerprint Cards as it expands its offerings in its quest for industry prominence?

The full interview with FPC CEO Christian Fredrikson can be found at FindBiometrics.