Fingerprint Cards Receives Touch Sensor Order Worth SEK 4 Million

9436_fingerprint-cards_fingerprintcardslogoLate last year, Swedish sensor manufacturer Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) received its first smartphone design win for its FPC1020 capacitive touch sensor. The win was courtesy of a global tier one OEM and promises to see the new FPC sensor launching on a flagship mobile device this summer.

Today, FPC announced that the first order associated with this design win has come in, and it’s a big one. The unnamed customer placed an order for FPC 1020 sensors worth SEK 4 million (roughly 609,000 USD) and the delivery of said sensors are slated for delivery in May 2014.

This smartphone deal is a major boon for FPC, which expects to ship more than three million units for this flagship device alone in 2014.

The weight of this announcement is not lost on the company.

“It is with great pride that we announce the first purchase order for the FPC 1020 related to a smartphone and with a Global Tier 1 player, on track for a timely launch,” says Fingerprint Cards CEO Johan Carlström.

Fingerprint Cards AB had an exceptional year thanks to the increased traction of mobile fingerprint biometrics that followed the initial rumors of Apple’s Touch ID. The company received a number of design wins, saw its technology on a large number of mobile device launches and, of course, introduced the sensor that has been ordered for this flagship model.

At our sister site, findBIOMETRICS, you can read more about Fingerprint Cards’ notable (and sometimes dramatic) 2013. In an interview with Urban Fagerstedt, FPC’s chairman of the board, Peter O’Neill had a chance to talk about the company’s decision to back its touch sensor technology as well as the other sorts of mobile deployments the company has benefited from.