Fingerprint Cards Releases Third Quarter Results, Weighs In On The State of Mobile Biometrics

9436_fingerprint-cards_fingerprintcardslogoToday Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) has released information reviewing its third quarter of 2013. As regular readers will no doubt be familiar, FPC has been especially aggressive in the area of Fingerprint Sensors on mobile devices, specifically in the Asian markets.

The recently ended quarter came to a close with FPC reporting SEK 31.6 million in sales for the period, and a large number of smartphone and tablet design wins in China, Korea and Japan, all of which also hosted a smartphone launch in the past three months featuring FPC sensor technology. The company also, notably, purchased over 100 wireless patents and partnered strategically with Precise Biometrics. This all adds up to a success surpassing FPC’s record setting Q2 2013, making this most recent period the best in the company’s history.

The Swedish sensor manufacturer is very open in pointing to the iPhone 5S and its Touch ID technology for recent successes in the mobile market. Even before the iPhone 5S was confirmed, leaked iOS 7 code that corroborated theories of an Apple fingerprint sensor gave Fingerprint Cards a helpful bump in the stock market. Now that the Apple smartphone is locked by biometrics, FPC is heralding the birth of a large new market, with billions of sensors in the hands of consumers by 2015.

This optimism is further stoked by the recent acquisition of Validity Sensors by Synaptics. FPC uses the purchase to illustrate the increasing need for companies like Synaptics to begin including fingerprint sensors in all hardware offerings, even speculating that biometric features will likely create a key combination in the user experience of the near future.

Fingerprint Cards has been at the front of the charge, so it is no surprise that it has taken this optimistic stance, having been so successful with its strategy. What some may find surprising, however, is the small mention that last Friday’s bogus Samsung acquisition news received, despite it happening after the official end of Q3. Now being blamed on a sophisticated fraud that slipped through security procedures, Fingerprint Cards was sure to reinforce its stance: that it has not been purchased by Samsung and the Swedish legal authorities are on the case.