Fingerprint Cards Sensors Featured in Konka Smartphone, Company Grabs Two More Design Wins in Asia

9436_fingerprint-cards_fingerprintcardslogoFingerprint Cards AB has been focusing in on the Asian mobile market like a laser beam recently. Ever since the company’s board of directors made its intentions for the remainder of the year clear during FPC’s Q2 financial announcement, practically a week hasn’t passed without news of either a product launch in Asia that integrates the manufacturer’s sensors or a design win (DW) promising to integrate fingerprint solutions into a mobile device. Some weeks, it’s both. This week is one of those ones.

On Tuesday FPC announced that the new Konka Android smartphone, the K5F, which is slated for launch in Chinese stores very soon, will feature an FPC 1080A Swipe Sensor. The K5F will be Konka’s first phone to integrate fingerprint sensors.

Elsewhere in Asia, FPC scored two more design wins from an existing tier two client that will see Fingerprint Cards sensors in not only another smartphone, but also in a tablet PC, both to be released in Q$ 2013, just in time for Christmas. As seems to be the custom with these announcements, due to the highly competitive environment that surrounds mobile fingerprint biometrics, especially now that Apple’s Touch ID is making everyone go crazy for hard authentication on smartphones and tablets, the client has requested anonymity, though FPC mentions the mysterious provider as one of its most distinguished customers.

FPC president and CEO Johan Carlström expects more news on both fronts – additional Design Wins and product launches – before the year is done.