Fingerprint Cards Announces Smart Card Integration

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) has announced one of its first technology integrations in the smart card market. Its FPC1020 touch fingerprint sensor is being used in a new smart card from Korea-based Kona I, which is being targeted at the access control market.

FPC Announces Smart Card IntegrationIt’s the product of a new focus on FPC’s part, with the company having recently shifted its attention beyond the mobile biometrics market to seek out new opportunities in smart cards, an area in which its technology’s “low power consumption, fast response time, industry leading 3D image quality may be even more important”, the company stated in a post on its website. It’s a step in a new and exciting direction for Kona I as well, with CEO Cho Jung-il asserting that “[b]iometric smart cards are becoming a fast-growing market due to higher demand for increased security.”

Cho also predicted that biometric technology “will replace password or authentication certificates in all kinds of areas that need secure identification, not only in the security industry but also in the financial and IoT sectors,” validating FPC’s other efforts to explore markets beyond mobile biometrics, most notably with its new FPC-BM fingerprint module. That product is slated to appear in new products starting next quarter, with FPC aiming at numerous sectors including automotive, healthcare, the IoT, and, of course, access control.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)