Fingerprint Cards Upgrades Algorithm

Fingerprint Cards is celebrating more major integrations of its biometric sensor technology, as well as an upgraded algorithm, the company has announced.

FPC Announces Upgraded Algorithm, New Huawei IntegrationsIt’s good news for Huawei, whose new P9 and P9+ smartphones feature FPC1025 sensors. Those sensors can now benefit from FPC’s enhanced algorithm which it says offers faster identification and is optimized for mobile device applications. Commenting in a statement, FPC CEO Jörgen Lantto asserted that the algorithm was refined entirely in-house, with “no third party contribution,” allowing FPC “to further improve our vertically integrated system offering for smartphones.” Lantto added that for customers the enhancement “will contribute to further improved security, higher biometric performance and robust user experience.”

Given that Huawei is a longstanding FPC client that has integrated its technology into numerous devices, this should help to further solidify the companies’ business relationship.

And, of course, all of this should prove beneficial to FPC, which now has even greater control over its strong position in the mobile biometrics market.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)