Fingerprint Cards Issues Strong Year End Update

FPC Year-End Details Strong 2015 ResultsFingerprint Cards has issued its year-end report for 2015, confirming the strong results that have been predicted for the company.

The company saw revenues of SEK 2.9 billion (or about $345 million USD) for the year, an increase of 1,142 percent against 2014. And its operating profit amounted to SEK 910.3 million (USD 108 million), with a loss of SEK 145.2 million (USD 17 million).

The strong results weren’t front-loaded, either. FPC had revenues of SEK 1.35 billion (USD 160 million) in the fourth quarter, reflecting 40 percent growth over Q3. In a statement, FPC CEO Jörgen Lantto said this “confirms that FPC has established a leading position in a rapidly expanding market,” adding later that 18 different smartphone models featuring FPC sensors were launched.

Looking ahead, Lantto asserted that rising demand stemming from mPayment applications is likely to be a major market driver, and asserted that FPC will launch commercial products outside of the smartphone market in the coming year. He also reiterated the company’s interest in bringing its technology into automotive applications.

“Our objective in 2016 is to consolidate our position as the market’s leading supplier by growing further together with our existing customers, and by breaking new ground in smartphones and other market segments,” he said.