Fingerprint Cards Announces ‘Fingerprints Biometric Module DevKit’

Fingerprint Cards has announced the Fingerprints Biometric Module DevKit, an all-in-one fingerprint scanning solution designed for easy integration into a range of solutions.

Fingerprint Cards Announces 'Fingerprints Biometric Module DevKit'The solution essentially consists of an FPC sensor connected to a small processor. It can be connected to a USB port, and FPC says it will come with “all the software you’ll need to join the evolution of human interfaces,” according to the solution’s standalone website. Moreover, once a company has integrated the module into its own solution, FPC is available to “help you go into production and all the way to market.”

The Fingerprints Biometric Module DevKit appears to be the end result of the ‘FPC-BM’ module announced earlier this year. At the time, the solution was said to use Precise Biometrics algorithm software, but FPC has so far made no mention of the software source in its Fingerprint Biometric Module DevKit materials.

It has revealed some technical specifications, though. The solution boasts an FRR of three percent and 508 DPI imaging, and a scanning speed of under 400 milliseconds.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)