First Biometric Mobile Identity Management Platform Introduced By ImageWare Systems

Today, ImageWare Systems introduced GoMobile Interactive (GMI): the industry’s first mobile biometric identity management platform. ImageWave is a provider of cloud based, multi-modal biometric identity management solutions and its new platform leverages acquired messaging technology patents, combined with the company’s Biometric Engine, to protect content on Android or iOS mobile devices.

GMI, which includes a standalone application and a software development kit, can be used as a standard turnkey solution or be integrated into existing mobile applications already used by global business, service and content providers. The mobile security solution, targeted towards banking, retail, entertainment and healthcare verticals, provides protection miles above that offered by traditional password or PIN options, which are so antiquated and fragile that their failure is costing businesses precious capital and compromising sensitive and private information.

With mobile commerce on the rise, the highest levels of security are tantamount for the privacy of smartphone and tablet users. Speaking to the lack of confidence that mobile users have in their banking institutions when it comes to processing payments securely, Jim Miller, chairman and CEO of ImageWare Systems says, “GoMobile Interactive is designed to alleviate this risk in a simple, seamless manner by combining unique messaging capabilities with our proven biometric technology to provide unprecedented security for mobile smartphones.”