First Internet Bank Honored For Use of Identity Tech

Indiana-based First Internet Bank has been named Tech-Enabled Company of the Year at the 17th annual Mira Awards, a gala honoring Indiana’s best tech companies and innovations.

First Internet Bank Recognized for Embrace of BiometricsIn a statement announcing the award, First Internet Bank said it was bestowed in recognition of the company’s “ability to use technology to provide convenience, access, and a higher quality of service to its banking customers.” Much of that recognition likely stemmed from First Internet Bank’s use of multiple biometric authentication systems for users of its mobile app: Last spring, the company introduces fingerprint scan login via Apple’s Touch ID system, and it proceeded to launch eye vein authentication in late summer.

That technology came by way of EveVerify and its Eyeprint ID system, which has been stoking considerable interest in the financial services community, in part because the selfie-based system can leverage the camera technology already in place on a wide range of smartphones. Touch ID, meanwhile, is restricted to newer Apple devices, but has nevertheless been embraced by a growing roster of banks and other financial services companies.

In adopting both modalities, First Internet Bank is at the forefront of biometric banking. Acknowledging the award in the bank’s statement, CEO David Becker pointed to First Internet Bank’s history of technological early adoption, and called the tech community’s recognition “especially gratifying.”


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)