ForgeRock Identity Platform Update Embraces Touch ID Authentication

Identity management solutions provider ForgeRock has announced the latest edition of its ForgeRock Identity Platform.

ForgeRock Identity Platform Update Embraces Touch ID AuthenticationIt’s an open source platform aimed at offering two-factor authentication (2FA), and its latest iteration can offer passwordless authentication too. That’s enabled by the Touch ID fingerprint scanning system of the iPhone: In order to log in to a system using the ForgeRock Identity Platform, one configuration would send a push notification to a user’s phone, which would then require a fingerprint scan for authentication.

Other new features of the platform include OAuth token support, standardized identity auditing via Elasticsearch and JMS, database encryption, API request throttling, and a graphic visualization of identity relationships.

But the real highlight of the platform update is the biometric authentication. In a statement, ForgeRock CEO Mike Ellis explained, “With passwordless authentication now available through the ForgeRock Identity Platform, our customers can create highly secure, frictionless user experiences that will delight and engage end users, while keeping the growing number of IoT devices and data out of the wrong hands.”

The platform’s move to biometric, multi-factor authentication may reflect a growing trend in digital security, with IT giant Google also having recently announced its intention to move quickly in that direction with respect to Android devices.