Forza Silicon Unveils Super-Adaptable Image Sensor

iStock_Multi-Modal-300x225Video tech developer Forza Silicon has announced a new image sensor offering a great degree of customization. Forza says it’s the world’s first image sensor offering total reconfiguration and programmability in a single chip.

The company is pushing the technology’s applications in the Internet of Things, given its high degree of customizability and adaptability. It can be programmed to offer camera functionality even when it’s not supporting by existing microprocessors, it’s compatible with wi-fi, ethernet, and Bluetooth, and a variety of hardware platforms. Moreover, its image processing allows the performance of a variety of biometric functions, including motion detection and facial recognition.

This kind of compatibility may prove lucrative as numerous companies start pouring money into the burgeoning Internet of Things market, and as biometrics technology becomes a growing presence in everyday life, with applications ranging from video security surveillance to sports management analytics to electronic gaming. The company’s emphasis on lean, powerful, cost-effective technology could give it broad appeal to a variety of other businesses.