FotoNation To Showcase Biometrics Portfolio at MWC

FotoNation to Show Off Biometric Offerings at MWCFacial biometrics specialist FotoNation is planning to show off its latest mobile solutions at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In addition to more advanced electronic image stabilization (EIS) and aesthetic image enhancement technologies, the company will also be keen to display its biometric solutions.

In a statement, the company pointed to its “broad portfolio of advanced biometrics” for both security and analytical purposes, and referenced the technology’s utility in authentication applications “in banking, m-commerce transactions and access to subscription services.” The company emphasized not only facial recognition technology but also iris recognition, suggesting that its acquisition of SSL last year has produced some noteworthy results.

The company’s focus on mobile solutions comes as no surprise in the light of an interview with FindBiometrics last summer in which senior FotoNation executives expounded on the potential of the mobile market. And the company will be showing off its solutions at a time when biometric technology is becoming increasingly appealing in mobile applications, particularly with respect to fintech applications. There is bound to be a great deal of enthusiasm about such technologies at this year’s MWC.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)