FotoNation Launches New Face and Iris Mobile Biometrics Solutions

FotoNation has launched new facial and iris recognition solutions for mobile applications. In a statement announcing the new offerings, the company asserted that they are designed to “deliver authentication in the most challenging outdoor light and shade conditions,” that they offer liveness detection, and that they can function “even when the subject is wearing glasses.”FotoNation Announces Mobile Facial, Iris Recognition Solutions

Its facial recognition system is designed to use standard smartphone front-facing cameras, and boasts a False Acceptance Rate of one in 10 thousand. Meanwhile, the iris recognition system has the same FAR, and FotoNation says it’s “already being deployed in commercial buildings, in multiple European airports and at military bases around the world.” When used together, FotoNation GM Sumat Mehra says the two solutions offer authentication “with an FAR of up to 1 in 1 billion.”

The solutions arrive at a time of growing excitement about mobile biometrics. Fingerprint sensors are already widespread across a range of smartphones, of course; and major brands like Samsung are now seeking to popularize additional modalities such as iris scanning, while multiple organizations involved in digital commerce have been seeking to leverage facial recognition for secure authentication. FotoNation’s new offerings could therefore find a ready market, with the company offering SDKs for the technology now.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)