FPC Announces 2016 Revenue Guidance

FPC Announces 2016 Revenue GuidanceFingerprint Cards (FPC) has announced its revenue guidance for the coming fiscal year, and its expectations are high. The company expects to bring in somewhere between 6500 and 8500 MSEK.

Its expectations revolve around the booming market for fingerprint sensor integrations into smartphones; the company predicts that such devices’ market penetration will increase to somewhere above 50 percent in 2016, and that it’s going to take about 45 percent of that market (though it doesn’t figure Apple’s Touch ID products into its calculations). FPC is also predicting that its growth will outpace that of the market itself, and that while the smartphone fingerprint sensor market is going to represent “the absolute majority of the fingerprint sensor market,” other areas such as smart card integrations are also going to grow and contribute to FPC’s revenues.

While these are certainly great expectations, there is good reason for FPC’s optimism. This year the company’s profits have shot up dramatically as it has taken a leading position in a booming market, and with fingerprint sensors having been established as standard features of high-end smartphones in only a year, demand will continue to rise as they become more prominent across the price spectrum.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)