FPC Announces Massive Fingerprint Sensor Order

FPC's Latest Order Value Comparable to Q1 TotalFingerprint Cards (FPC) has announced a huge new order for its fingerprint sensors. The order comes from World Peace Industrial Group (WPI), one of the companies’ major Asia-based distributors.

The order comes in the wake of a string of orders FPC saw earlier this year. Those orders, which were announced during March and early April, were valued at 75 MSEK, 90 MSEK, and 110 MSEK – the first two of which actually caused the company to revise its earnings forecasts for the first quarter of 2015. But this latest order, valued at 235 MSEK, is comparable to the total combined value of all three previous orders.

While its size stands out, the order is more typical in terms of where the sensors are going – China-based smartphone manufacturers. In a statement, FPC CEO Jörgen Lantto said it “shows that touch fingerprint sensors are now being established as a standard component in a growing share of the smartphone market.” That is undeniably true, and given the momentum the company has built in the Asian OEM sector, it could enjoy a lot of further success going forward this year.