FPC Tech Used in BPhone 2017

Fingerprint Cards technology is being used in a new phone from Bkav. The company has announced that the Vietnam-based company’s BPhone 2017 features an FPC1155 fingerprint sensor.

FPC Tech Used in BPhone 2017This appears to be FPC’s first integration with Bkav. Founded in 1995, the latter has established itself primarily as a network and software security specialist. It launched its first BPhone in 2015; BPhone 2017 is its follow-up, and reflects the industry-wide shift that has made fingerprint sensors a standard feature of contemporary phones.

Given the importance of security to Bkav’s brand, its selection of FPC technology for its flagship phone’s fingerprint scanning capability could further burnish the credibility of FPC tech. In any case, it points to FPC’s continuing felicity in the increasingly competitive mobile biometrics business, with other integrations with Sharp and Moto devices having been announced this month.

Sources: FPC, Việt Nam News, VietNamNet