FPC Sensor Appears in Another BQ Mobile Device

A Fingerprint Cards sensor is now being used in a new device from Spain-based smartphone maker BQ. The Aquaris X5 Plus features an FPC1035 fingerprint sensor.

FPC Sensor Appears in Another BQ Mobile DeviceThe FPC1035 sensor has been used in devices from numerous companies, most recently (BQ aside) Coolpad with its Note 3S device. For its part, BQ signed on as a client of FPC last autumn, integrating an FPC1035 sensor into its BQ Aquaris U Plus smartphone.

News of the integration arrives soon after that of the new Oppo F3 device‘s use of an FPC sensor. While FPC recently predicted a short-term slump in revenues from such integrations, the company maintains that it expects to attain 95 percent penetration of its addressable mobile market by 2020.