What Can We Expect From FPC on Capital Markets Day?

Fingerprint Cards is looking to drum up some investor excitement with plans for a Capital Markets Day on December 8th.

FPC to Reveal 2017 Guidance on Capital Markets DayThe company will issue its 2017 guidance that morning, and will host a presentation starting at 13:00 CET (7:00 AM ET). In a statement announcing its plans, FPC said topics to be covered include “Megatrends and future opportunities”, “Trends in Asia”, and “Growth opportunities in the US”.

We already have some hints as to the direction in which the company is going. Having established a leading position in the mobile biometrics market, FPC has lately sought to explore new market sectors including the automotive sector and smart cards. In the company’s recent Q3 report, CEO Christian Fredrikson suggested that the latter will take some time to produce tangible results, but noted that “PCs represent an obvious opportunity in the near future.”

Back in the mobile sector, though, FPC is keeping things interesting. It recently saw the first under-glass smartphone deployments of its fingerprint sensors, and it’s fair to expect more to come over the next year.

FPC’s Capital Markets Day presentation will be streamed online through the company’s website.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)