FPC Brings Fingerprint and Iris Scanning to New Smartphone

A new smartphone features both fingerprint and iris scanning capabilities care of Fingerprint Cards technology.

In a statement announcing the integrations, FPC declined to name the client in question, referring to it as “a leading Japanese manufacturer.” The company also indicated that the client’s new device is the first to feature both an FPC fingerprint sensor and FPC’s ActiveIRIS technology.

The development arrives after FPC acquired iris recognition specialist Delta ID near the start of this year for SEK 938 million. In its recent Q3 update, FPC CEO Christian Fredrikson pointed to FPC’s new ability to offer multimodal biometric solutions as one of the keys to its ongoing success amid an increasingly challenging mobile market.

In its statement announcing this first such deployment, FPC says its ActiveIRIS technology “has the fastest recognition speed in the industry and works for everyone.”

The technology could help to further drive mass market adoption of smartphone iris scanning as industry giant Samsung continues to champion the technology with its latest devices. FPC has extensive ties with smartphone makers, and many of these partners may be looking to new biometric technologies to give their devices a competitive edge as Apple seeks to establish infrared facial recognition as the gold standard for mobile authentication with its iPhone X’s Face ID system.