FPC Featured in Huawei Honor 6X Smartphone

Another week, another new Huawei smartphone featuring Fingerprint Cards biometric technology. The new Huawei Honor 6X features an FPC1025 sensor.

FPC Featured in Huawei Honor 6X SmartphoneIt’s the same sensor used in the Honor 8 Smart, an integration that was announced last week. And it’s another example of Huawei’s consistency in sticking with FPC for its mobile fingerprint sensor needs, along with Precise Biometrics’ algorithm software. Huawei is one of numerous OEMs that have proven loyal customers.

As GSMArena reports, the Honor 6X will go on sale in China next week. Restricting it to that market, at least for now, should help to prevent the Honor 6X from eating into the sales of Huawei’s Honor 8 Smart in India.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)