FPC Increases Number of Class B Shares

FPC Class B Shares IncreaseFingerprint Cards is increasing the number of its Class B shares from 62,039,135 to 62,419,135, an increase of 380,000. The number of its Class A shares, meanwhile, remains unchanged at 1,200,000.

In a statement announcing the move, FPC offered no specific rationale, but alluded to an exercise of warrants that has raised share capital by SEK 76,000. That brought total share capital to SEK 12,723,827 at the end of last month, with total shares corresponding to 74,419,135 voting rights.

The maneuvering follows soon after FPC’s announcement of its Q4 and year-end results for 2015, a year that saw extraordinary success for the company, with revenues rising 1,142 percent over its 2014 results. The company is now a solidly leading fingerprint sensor supplier to the smartphone market, and is moving to branch further into smart cards and even the automotive sector in the longer term.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)