MWC 2017: FPC Unveils Keyboard-Based Fingerprint Sensor With BlackBerry

Seeking to make a splash at this week’s Mobile World Congress, Fingerprint Cards has announced a world’s first with the integration of a fingerprint sensor into a smartphone’s keyboard.

MWC 2017: FPC Unveils Keyboard-Based Fingerprint Sensor With BlackBerryWhile most contemporary smartphones use digital keyboards based in the display, FPC had a unique partner in this project known for its use of small physical keyboards in its mobile devices – BlackBerry. Its new KEYone features an FPC1145 sensor embedded directly into the space key of the device.

It’s an innovation that should help FPC to maintain a position in the spotlight during a MWC that has seen other notable fingerprint biometrics innovations such as Goodix’s announcement of an in-display fingerprint sensor and Egis Technology’s new under-glass sensor technology.

Meanwhile, FPC is keeping busy with more traditional mobile sensor integrations. The FPC1145 has also been integrated into two new smartphones from an as-yet-undisclosed Japan-based OEM, while Xiaomi is using the FPC1245 fingerprint sensor in its new Mi 5C and the FPC1035 sensor in its Redmi 4X smartphone.

February 28, 2017 – by Alex Perala