FPC Announces New Module Maker Partnerships, Appoints New CTO

Fingerprint Cards is pushing forward on the technology front with a management change and two new partnerships.

FPC Pushes On Tech Front with New CTO, Module House PartnershipsThe company has announced that Pontus Jägemalm, who has hitherto served as FPC’s SVP of Research and Development, has also been appointed its new Chief Technology Officer. In a statement announcing the change, Jägemalm said it “means an increased focus on innovation, long-term development and alternative technologies,” with the latter perhaps referring to the iris-scanning technologies that FPC will acquire with its purchase of Delta ID.

Meanwhile, the company has also established new partnerships with two China-based module makers, Fingerchip and A-Kerr. Commenting on the new agreements, FPC Business Line Mobile SVP Ted Hansson said that each agreement “is a testimonial of Fingerprints’ industry-leading technology and how strong our trademark is in China,” adding that they are “an essential part of our competitiveness in this rapidly developing industry.”

The moves signal a continuing focus on fostering the development of new technology on FPC’s part, with the company aiming to position itself for expansive long-term growth beyond a challenging first half of the year.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)