Fingerprint Cards Announces New OnePlus, Meitu, and UMIDIGI Integrations

Fingerprint Cards has announced multiple new smartphone integrations of its biometric sensors, including two repeat customers and one new one.

Fingerprint Cards Announces New OnePlus, Meitu, and UMIDIGI IntegrationsMeitu’s new M8 device features an FPC1235 sensor, the same model used in its previous integration, the T8 smartphone. OnePlus is also sticking with a favorite FPC sensor, once again using an FPC1245 model in its new OnePlus 5 device after previously integrating the sensor into its OnePlus 3T.

That same sensor model has also now been embraced by UMIDIGI, a Shenzhen-based smartphone maker, which has included the FPC technology in its new UMIDIGI Z1 and UMIDIGI PRO smartphones. This appears to be UMIDIGI’s first publicly acknowledged integration of FPC technology.

The string of new integrations may suggest that FPC’s smartphone business is getting back on track after a predicted first-half slump, though it’s worth noting the company has announced a steady stream of integrations over recent months despite its predictions of a downturn.