New FPC Sensor Makes Debut in OPPO A79

A new sensor model from Fingerprint Cards is getting its debut in a newly announced OPPO smartphone: The OPPO A79 features an FPC1228 fingerprint sensor.

New FPC Sensor Makes Debut in OPPO A79Part of the FPC1200 series first launched in early 2016, the sensor is designed for implementation under a glass or ceramic surface. Fingerprint Cards says the new FPC1228 is its smallest sensor designed for under-glass applications, and that its pixel area is the same as its more traditional FPC1028 sensor model.

“Thanks to the next-generation pixel technology available in the high-end under-glass series and world leading algorithms, the footprint has been minimized while maintaining excellent biometric performance,” the company asserted in a statement.

The OPPO A79 is not the first OPPO device to feature an FPC fingerprint sensor; in fact OPPO is a regular customer of FPC’s, with this past summer’s OPPO F5 having represented its most recent integration of FPC tech before the announcement of the A79.