FPC Sensors Secure New Sharp Smartphones

Two new smartphones from Sharp are making use of Fingerprint Cards biometric sensors. The Aquos Zeta SH-04H and the Aquos Xx3 each feature side-mounted FPC1145 sensors.

New Sharp Phones Feature FPC, Precise Biometrics TechIn a statement announcing the integrations, FPC highlighted the technological sophistication of both the flagship smartphones and the sensor model being used. The devices each feature 5.3″ HD/IGZO TFT displays and 22.6 MPX cameras, while the FPC1145 sensor module uses what FPC calls “3D pixel sensing technology that reads virtually any finger.”

Commenting on the integrations, FPC CEO Jörgen Lantto called Sharp “one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in Japan,” adding that his team is proud the company chose the FPC1145 sensor for these devices.

As for the biometric algorithm software being used, it seems very likely that it comes from Precise Biometrics. The company issued a statement indicating that its popular Precise BioMatch Mobile technology “has through cooperation with Fingerprint Cards been integrated in two smartphones from a leading Japanese vendor.”


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)