FPC Extends Smart Cards Influence with Eurosmart, EMVCo Affiliations

Fingerprint Cards has joined two major industry alliances that could considerably extend its influence in the payments industry.

FPC Extends Smart Cards Influence with Eurosmart, EMVCo AffiliationsOne of them, Eurosmart, brings together digital security solutions providers in the interest of promoting the industry and collaborating to help establish the European Union’s Digital Single Market. FPC has joined the alliance as an executive member, and will lead its Biometrics Committee.

In a statement announcing its Eurosmart membership, FPC said it would work to ensure that biometric technology has a role “in the security infrastructure of electronic payment transactions, e-government, e-banking and corporate Identity Access Management.”

Fingerprint Cards has also become a Subscriber with EMVCo, the global body behind the EMV Specifications for payments. News of the affiliation arrives in the same week that FPC announced a new fingerprint sensor module aimed at smart cards, and particularly those with contactless payment applications, further underlining that this is an area upon which the company is strengthening its focus. In announcing its EMVCo affiliation, FPC emphasized that payment cards represent “a market where biometrics really add value to end users by improving the security without compromising ease of use.”

FPC’s new affiliations come soon after the company adjusted its leadership structure in a bid to more effectively target the emerging biometric smart cards market.