FPC Tech Featured in New Huawei Phone, Tablet

Fingerprint Cards sensors are once again being used in new devices from China-based OEM Huawei. FPC has announced that its FPC1025 sensor has been integrated into the Huawei G9 Lite, while its FPC1145 sensor is featured in the MediaPad M2 7.0 tablet. Both devices have just launched in China.

FPC Tech Featured in New Huawei Phone, TabletThe integrations mark a continuing relationship between FPC and Huawei, with the latter having integrated FPC’s biometric technology into numerous previous devices, the most recent (before this week’s releases) being the P9 and P9+ smartphones. While those devices featured sensors running on newly-announced biometric software that FPC has developed in-house, neither company has specified the software being used in the new G9 and M2 devices.

In any case, the integrations demonstrate FPC’s continuing success as a provider of fingerprint sensors to the mobile market, with Huawei being just one of many OEMs to have repeatedly integrated the company’s sensors over the last several months. Indeed, with 2015 having been a standout year for FPC, the company is now aiming for sustained long-term growth as it continues to benefit from the mobile biometrics boom while exploring new potential markets as well.