FPC To Offer ‘Technology Update’ On Nov. 1st

Fingerprint Cards is preparing a ‘technology update’ for November 1st, inviting interested individuals to tune in to a webcast starting at 14:00 CET (9:00 AM EST).

FPC To Offer 'Technology Update' On Nov. 1st

Accordingly, the November 1st update will cover Fingerprint Cards’ “core business capacitive sensors”, according to a statement announcing the webcast; and it will offer “up-to-date information on new segments and technologies such as Smartcards, IoT and Iris.” In the area of smart cards, FPC has already publicized some important recent developments, including Zwipe’s use of its sensors on its new biometric smart cards, and FPC’s new affiliations with some major industry alliances involved in the smart cards market. Meanwhile, the reference to “Iris” suggests the company will share much anticipated information regarding its acquisition of Delta ID earlier this year.

FPC says the upcoming webcast will feature “an update on our view regarding In-Display and other new applications and technologies,” referring in part to an ambition shared by many smartphone makers to get their fingerprint scanning systems into their phones’ touchscreens. Apple had been expected to lead the way in this area this year, but it now appears that, having failed to make the technology work on its latest iPhones, Apple may abandon fingerprint scanning altogether in favor of its Face ID system. Other major players are still pushing ahead with this technology, though, including Samsung, with one respected industry analyst having recently predicted that it will incorporate in-display fingerprint scanning into at least one of its flagship smartphones next year.

Whether FPC has a role in that, or is pursuing in-display technology at all, isn’t yet clear, but the company’s technology update should help to clarify this and other matters on November 1st.