FPC’s Thomas Rex on Biometric Smart Cards and Money20/20 [AUDIO]

Many of the biggest names in the biometrics industry have converged in Las Vegas this week for Money20/20, not the least of which is Fingerprint Cards. The company has established itself as one of the biggest suppliers of fingerprint sensors for the mobile industry, and has reported an almost constant stream of smartphone integrations over the past several months despite increasing competitive pressures in the market.

FPC's Thomas Rex on Biometric Smart Cards and Money20/20 [AUDIO]

Thomas Rex, SVP, Fingerprint Cards (left) and Peter O’Neill, President, Mobile ID World, at Money20/20 in Las Vegas.

But that’s not where Fingerprint Cards’ most exciting news of late has been coming from. In his live interview with Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill, Fingerprint Cards SVP Thomas Rex was keen to highlight the potential of biometric smart cards, with his firm having recently established important industry partnerships in this area and launched a new biometric module aimed specifically at smart card applications, among other developments.

Listen in as O’Neill and Rex discuss how Fingerprint Cards’ expertise in mobile biometrics translates into smart cards, why consumer attitudes are shifting, and how biometrics can eliminate those pesky monetary caps on contactless transactions.

Listen to our full interview with Thomas Rex, Senior VP, Business Line Smartcards , Fingerprint Cards: