FPC Announces Two New Smartphone Integrations

Fingerprint Cards has announced two new smartphone integrations of its fingerprint sensor technology.

FPC Announces Two New Smartphone IntegrationsOne is with a new device from ZTE-owned mobile brand Nubia. The new Nubia Z17—Like the Nubia Z11 Black Gold smartphone announced last year—features an FPC1035 fingerprint sensor, suggesting ZTE has been happy with the performance of FPC’s biometric technology.

In a statement announcing the other smartphone integration, FPC declined to name the device in question. But the company did reveal that the device comes from a Japan-based OEM, and said the it’s using an FPC1145 fingerprint sensor.

That’s the same sensor being used in Huawei’s new Matebook E convertible tablet notebook, FPC’s first major step into the laptop market with respect to integrations. But together with the new Nubia integration, the new smartphone integration of the FPC1145 underlines the ongoing centrality of the mobile market to FPC’s business.