FPC Sensor Featured on New Xiaomi Mi 8 and M8 SE Smartphones

FPC Sensor Featured on New Xiaomi Mi 8 and M8 SE SmartphonesWhile the premium version of Xiaomi’s new flagship smartphone may be stealing the spotlight, Fingerprint Cards is celebrating the use of its technology in the standard Mi 8 and the budget-friendly Mi 8 SE.

The company has revealed that both smartphone models feature its FPC1291 sensor, a “single-chip, single-die” solution first announced in February of this year. Its use in the Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE represent the first integrations of this solution, which is aimed at simplifying the design and implementation process for OEMs while also enabling fingerprint scanning through glass or ceramic cover materials.

In a statement, the head of FPC’s smartphone business line, Ted Hansson, emphasized the speed with which the company’s new sensor solution has been deployed. “We are very happy that Xiaomi chose our product for their new smartphones, and also very proud to show that time to market from commercial sample to launched smartphone is just three months,” he said.

Xiaomi is of course a longtime customer of FPC, having recently launched multiple smartphones taking advantage of previous FPC sensor models. But for the premium version of its new flagship device, the Mi 8 Explorer Edition, Xiaomi has opted for a Synaptics Clear ID sensor, allowing it to become one of the pioneers of in-display fingerprint scanning technology. FPC has said that it has also developed in-display technology, however, so it’s quite possible that it will end up being the supplier of this kind of tech for future Xiaomi devices.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)