FPC1028 Sensor Makes its Debut on Huawei Maimang 6

Fingerprint Cards‘ new fingerprint sensor model, the FPC1028, is now seeing its first smartphone deployment with the Maimang 6 from Huawei.

FPC1028 Sensor Makes its Debut on Huawei Maimang 6In a statement announcing the integration, FPC emphasized that the FCP1028 is its most cost-efficient fingerprint sensor, thanks to the small size of the sensor’s surface area.

This is far from Huawei’s first integration of FPC’s biometric technology, with the company having used FPC sensors in multiple devices over the last several months, including this summer’s Huawei Honor 9 smartphone, which featured an FPC1264 sensor model. Accordingly, in his comments on the new integration, FPC mobile SVP Ted Hansson said it represents a continuation of FPC’s “strong and long-term relation with one of the industry’s largest players.”

Like numerous new devices, the Maimang 6 features an almost full-size display. With its low-cost fingerprint sensor mounted on the rear of the device, the Maimang 6 is very much representative of a design trend that is having a substantial impact on FPC’s mobile business, according to the company’s recent revenue guidance revision for the current quarter.

Sources: Fingerprint Cards, The Indian Express

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)