FPC1035 Featured on LG V10 Handset

Mobile BiometricsSouth Korean electronics maker LG has announced a new smartphone that features a Fingerprint Cards (FPC) sensor. The V10 device uses an FPC1035 sensor.

In a statement announcing the integration, FPC CEO Jörgen Lantto highlighted the quality of the sensor in play, asserting that it “supports 360 degree finger rotation capability, fast response time and industry leading 3D image quality.” He also said that “LG is a leading global smartphone manufacturer and we are proud that LG selected FPC1035 for V10.”

Indeed, LG is also the manufacturer of Google’s new Nexus 5X smartphone, which features a built-in FPC1025 fingerprint sensor. It’s one of the most high-profile integrations that the company has seen yet, while LG’s V10 helps to solidify FPC’s strong presence in the Asia-based OEM market.

While the V10’s Android Lollipop OS doesn’t feature the native fingerprint sensor capabilities built into Android Marshmallow’s API, it does support Android Pay, an mPayment platform in which the V10’s fingerprint sensor can play an important role in terms of user authentication and transaction authorization. But even putting that aside, smartphone sensors are now pretty much standard on new mid- and high-end mobile devices, and with FPC such a major brand in the arena, it only makes sense for the new LG device to feature an FPC sensor.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)