FPC1035 Featured On Redmi 3S Plus

Xiaomi has launched a new iteration in its Redmi line of smartphones, and is once again drawing on technology from Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics to power its biometric capabilities. Called the Redmi 3S Plus, the device features an FPC1035 sensor running Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm software.FPC1035 Featured On Redmi 3S Plus

It’s the same FPC fingerprint sensor model used in the previous Redmi smartphone, the Redmi Note 4. While Xiaomi experimented with a different model, the FPC1245, for its Redmi Pro, it has evidently opted to go back to the FPC1035 with the Note 4 and this newest device. It’s the same sensor model that has previously been embedded in the Redmi 3X and the original Redmi 3S. All along the way, Precise Biometrics’ flagship platform has provided the underlying algorithm software.

The Redmi 3S Plus fingerprint sensor configuration could prove to be one of Xiaomi’s last true button-based fingerprint sensors, with the company having recently announced another device, the Mi 5s Plus, pioneering an under-glass, ultrasonic sensor setup. The breakthrough Mi 5s Plus, notably, also features the FPC1035 sensor, only it is embedded under the phone’s glass enabling a button-free design. That could lead to designs featuring sensors embedded in future device’s displays – an appealing design for OEMs – while also enabling more detailed, and therefore more secure, fingerprint imaging.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)