FPC1155 Sensor Featured on New Meilan Metal Smartphone

New Meilan Metal Smartphone Retains FPC1155 SensorMeizu has launched a new version of its Meilan Metal smartphone dubbed ‘Telecom version’. And, like the original, the device features a Fingerprint Cards fingerprint sensor.

It’s an FPC1155, in fact—the same model from the previous version of the smartphone. It’s also the same fingerprint sensor model used in Meizu’s MX5 smartphone, launched last summer, and its Pro 5, which debuted at the start of autumn.

Meizu’s enthusiasm for FPC sensors reflects a broader trend that has seen FPC become a leading supplier of fingerprint scanning hardware for a wide range of smartphone OEMs. While FPC’s technology is undoubtedly of a high quality, its success has also benefited from a general surge of interest in fingerprint sensors on the part of smartphone makers, spurred in large part by Apple’s pioneering Touch ID system. Many expect that fingerprint sensors will soon become ubiquitous on smartphones, which should further benefit FPC; in any case, we’re likely to see more Meizu device integrations to come.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)