Fujitsu Client Computing is NEXT’s Big New Customer

It looks like Fujitsu is the “Tier 1 notebook customer” behind NEXT Biometrics’ first shipments of its NB-2034-S2 fingerprint sensor module for notebooks.

Fujitsu Client Computing is NEXT's Big New CustomerNEXT Biometrics announced the shipments just a few days ago, and has now confirmed that Fujitsu Client Computing Limited has been integrating the biometric technology into new notebook and tablet devices after an initial delivery.

In a statement, executives from both firms highlighted the large sensor area offered by NEXT’s module. Fujitsu Client Computing Commercial Mobile Business Division VP Kenichi Fujii asserted that his firm chose NEXT Biometrics after “extensive testing of a range of sensors,” and said, “Implementing larger sensors, Fujitsu will provide end users with a better user experience at uncompromised security levels.” NEXT Biometrics CEO Ritu Favre, meanwhile, suggested that Fujitsu’s testing “has yet again confirmed the fundamental importance of sensor size.”

NEXT Biometrics also echoed Favre’s prediction in the company’s previous statement that the business relationship would significantly impact NEXT Biometrics’ margins starting in Q1 of next year, asserting now that having shipped its first orders, it “expects the volumes to increase over the coming months.”

Fujitsu has long shown a strong interest in biometric technology, but has primarily focused on applying its own palm vein scanning technology into electronic devices. But with its new relationship with NEXT Biometrics, it appears the company is also now intent on incorporating fingerprint sensors into multiple devices to come.