MWC 2015: Fujitsu Demonstrates Delta ID Iris Scanning Solution

Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: Iris Recognition on a SmartwatchDelta ID Inc.’s iris scanning biometric technology is being shown off at the Mobile World Congress by a major partner: Fujitsu. The company is going to be demonstrating Delta ID’s ActiveIRIS technology in its smartphone at the conference.

Delta ID is aiming its iris-scanning solution at mobile/PC OEMs and platform providers, asserting that the technology can be used to quickly and accurately authenticate users. That is certainly true, but for mobile/PC security, iris recognition is one of the less commonly used modalities, with many smartphone makers now favoring fingerprint scanning, and major laptop deployments soon to follow. Still, the company hopes to help pioneer the adoption of iris-scanning in these areas. Speaking in a press release, Delta ID Salil Prabhakar said that the company’s ActiveIRIS system is “making iris a biometric modality that is ready for consumers.”

The company isn’t alone, either. EyeVerify has been gaining momentum with its eye vein scanning system, having just secured a major deployment on ZTE’s new flagship device; while other companies have at least begun to experiment with video scanning biometric technologies as alternatives to fingerprint recognition for user authentication. Given consumers’ prioritization of ease-of-use and convenience, the more passive modes of authentication offered by this kind of technology could make it a popular mobile modality going forward.