Fujitsu, Microsoft Aim to Make $2B from AI for the Enterprise

Fujitsu, Microsoft Aim to Make $2B from AI for the EnterpriseFujitsu and Microsoft have teamed up to work on artificial intelligence, the companies have announced.

Their solutions will be built on the Microsoft 365 cloud service, and will leverage expertise from both companies. In their announcement of the partnership, the companies highlighted Fujitsu’s Global Communication Platform and its AI technology as well as “Fujitsu Human Centric AI Zinrai, and Microsoft AI platform services on Microsoft Azure.”

The solutions will be focused on the enterprise sector, with the companies aiming to explore things like automating tasks with AI, and using big data analytics to improve the efficiency of individuals and teams. Fujitsu and Microsoft say they will internally test their solutions, and are aiming to bring them to the Japanese market between April and June of next year via Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 and Microsoft Azure. They will also offer consulting services, and are mulling the idea of running training courses at the Fujitsu Digital Transformation Center and the Microsoft Technology Center, both of which are in Tokyo. They are aiming to bring in $2 billion in new business by 2020.

It’s an ambitious plan, and one that reflects the current excitement over AI technology, with numerous major tech firms making heavy investments in anticipation of big payoffs to come.