Galaxy S7 Active Model Revealed Via App Update

It looks like Samsung is sticking to its production routine with plans for a more rugged version of its latest flagship smartphone.

Galaxy S7 Active Model Revealed Via App UpdateThe speculation comes from a new listing for the latest version of the Samsung Level app, which offers “Galaxy S7 Active” support. Such a device hasn’t yet been announced by Samsung, but the name fits a pattern, with the company having released “Active” models of its Galaxy S5 and S6 smartphones after the latter devices’ launches.

Previously, the Active models have tended to emphasize enhanced water and dust resistance; but given that the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices already feature IP68 rating protection (allowing for full submersion in water, for example), it seems likely that the S7 Active versions will need to feature some further ruggedization.

There are currently no further details on what that could look like, of course. But as Samsung continues to vie with Apple for the top spot in the world of prestige smartphones, the S7 Active should offer yet another weapon in its arsenal, whenever it arrives.

Sources: Android Headlines, The Verge, SamMobile