Galaxy S7 Could Feature Retina Scanner

Galaxy S7 Could Feature Retina ScannerSamsung is preparing to launch its next flagship smartphone in March and it’s going to feature a pressure-sensitive touchscreen and a high-speed charger, according to new reports.

The device is expected to be the next in Samsung’s Galaxy line – the Galaxy S7. Like the Galaxy S6, it’s going to launch along with a second model sporting a curved screen, and it will maintain many of the same features of those previous devices as well as the same general design. But the addition of a USB Type-C charging port, which could offer a full day’s charge in less then half an hour, will represent a significant step forward in battery management for the company; and its pressure-sensitive screen could help it to keep pace with the latest iPhone and its 3D Touch system.

Another important potential new feature of the forthcoming device is a rumored retina scanner. While it certainly isn’t a sure thing for the Galaxy S7, if a retina scanner is incorporated into the device it will enable truly multimodal biometric authentication, adding a whole other layer of security for applications such as Samsung Pay, and it could help the device to compete with security-conscious new offerings such as Microsoft’s Lumia 950, which features iris-scanning capabilities.

Source: The Wall Street Journal