No Room in Front for Galaxy S8 Fingerprint Sensor: Report

The rumor mill is spinning faster as the anticipated release of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone approaches. GSMArena reports that the Samsung Galaxy S8 may feature a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor to accommodate the device’s anticipated full-size display on the front face of the device.No Room in Front for Galaxy S8 Fingerprint Sensor: Report

It would be a curious move, given that last week sensor supplier Synaptics announced a new line of optical sensors that can scan through glass, which could theoretically allow the fingerprint sensor to be embedded in the front of the device.

But GSMArena’s source insists that Samsung is sticking with the rear-mounted sensor design, and if the company really is aiming to extend the Galaxy S8’s display along the entire front face of the device, putting the sensor on the front would require the integration into the display itself. That said, Samsung may be looking to integrate swipe gesture-based functionality into the device’s fingerprint sensor, à la Google Pixel – another handset with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

In any case, it appears increasingly clear that Samsung is aiming to bring iris biometrics to the Galaxy S8, so the fingerprint sensor may turn out to be not all that important, anyway.

Sources: GSMArena, SamMobile