Samsung Shows Business Applications of Gear S3 Smartwatch

Samsung is seeking to demonstrate that its newest smartwatches aren’t just fun toys for consumers, they can also act as serious business tools.Samsung Shows Business Applications of Gear S3 Smartwatch To that end, it has outfitted a contingent of SATS Ltd. employees with Samsung Gear S3 devices.

SATS is a company specializing in food and air freight logistics, and all 130 of its front-line ramp workers were given Samsung’s smartwatches. The devices were paired with the workers’ Bluetooth headsets, allowing them to send and receive calls handsfree while on the job. And SATS used the devices to send digital versions of work orders, allowing for a more efficient process than that afforded by the previous paper-based system.

It’s a different marketing tack in the emerging world of smartwatches. Rival Apple has tended to market its Apple Watches based on their sophisticated functionality for consumers, and Samsung itself has been keen to frame its new devices as both consumer electronics items and fashion accessories. But like smartphones, the devices clearly have applications in business settings, too, as seen with SATS.