Gemalto Helps Deliver Biometric Authentication to Finnish FinTech

Finnish financial services solutions provider Enfuce is using Gemalto technology to enable mobile biometric authentication for its customers.

Gemalto Helps Deliver Biometric Authentication to Finnish FinTechIt’s authentication as a service, with Enfuce’s customers able to leverage the technology through the company’s app. For their end customers, that means being able to authenticate for financial transactions using fingerprint or facial recognition, or with PIN-based security.

The system was built using Gemalto’s Mobile Protector SDK, and operates via Gemalto’s Confirm Authentication Server. That means the heavy lifting of security is handled by Gemalto, with little extra burden for Enfuce customers’ developers, who need only to interface their apps with Gemalto’s back-end technology.

The solution is part of a broader trend, with increasing numbers of financial institutions around the world leveraging mobile biometrics for customer authentication. Gemalto says that the Enfuce solution has already seen sales to clients in the Nordic countries in which it has launched, and that Enfuce is preparing to extend its reach into Europe.