Gemalto Enables User-Managed Encryption Keys for Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform users can now leverage encryption key security from Gemalto. Gemalto Enables User-Managed Encryption Keys for Google Cloud PlatformThe company has announced that its SafeNet Luna Hardware Security Module and its SafeNet KeySecure solutions are now compatible with Google Cloud’s Customer-Supplied Encryption Key feature.

The compatibility means that Google Cloud Storage and Compute Engine users can generate and manage their own encryption keys for their assets on Google’s cloud platform. In a statement announcing the compatibility, Gemalto encryption products SVP Todd Moore explained that cloud service providers are increasingly offering users flexible key management options, and asserted that this “is a big step in helping organizations leverage the growing number of cloud-based applications and services, while maintaining full control of their encryption keys across all of the cloud providers they use.”

Gemalto also emphasized that the solution can help organizations to demonstrate compliance with regulations like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and the European Union’s impending GDPR requirements.

Google Cloud Platform is perhaps the biggest such platform to get SafeNet Luna Hardware Security Module support since such compatibility was established with Microsoft Azure Information Protection in March of this year.