Gemalto Launches Mobile ID Platform, Attacks Password Fatigue

To say that mobile users are simply fatigued by password practices is an understatement. With the dramatic proliferation of online accounts – for everything from online shopping, to banking, to email, to social media – the best password practices have turned from a minor inconvenience to a nearly unconquerable management task. Not only this, but recent surveys have shown that users in sensitive positions aren’t following the necessary protocol and small businesses are fear-stricken by pervasive cyber security threats.

Gemalto, a digital security company, has announced the availability of its LinqUs Mobile ID platform in a move to attack this overwhelming identity management problem being faced by users, relying parties and mobile providers alike.

In the launch press release, Gemalto describes LinqUs Mobile ID as such:

“The solution allows mobile operators to offer all subscribers an unprecedented, single means of authentication to online services using any mobile phone. By removing lengthy registration processes and password fatigue as sources of frustration, delay and vulnerability for billions of consumers, the online connection experience – that does not compromise on security – is now as simple and straightforward as tapping the ‘OK’ button displayed on the handset, or entering a unique personal code.”

LinqUs Mobile ID can work on any handset thanks to software embedded on the SIM card. The solution is also available through the increasingly popular software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, making it more accessible for mobile network operators and their clients.

The platform is compliant with the GSMA Mobile Connect initiative. In achieving this, Gemalto is specifically targeting common use cases encountered by online service providers. These include situations in mCommerce (banks and merchants), government e-services and enterprise level transaction security.

Tan Teck-Lee, executive vice-president of platforms and services at Gemalto comments: “The increasing need for digital identity management is giving operators the opportunity to become ID providers, leveraging their key assets: strength of their brand, existing enterprise business customers, handset qualification process and the ability to reach the highest security levels with the SIMs they supply to all mobile subscribers. Strong mobile authentication exemplifies another compelling use case of the unique security and versatility we offer to our customers by building client-server trust infrastructures easily available to billions of handsets of all generations.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Gemalto’s recent selection by China Telecom to support its commercial rollout of mobile contactless services. The telecom will be leveraging Gemalto’s UpTeq Multi-Tenant NFC SIM in giving customers the ability to make contactless purchases via mobile.